Frequently Asked Questions about IAG
Just the FAQs, M’am!

Where did the IAG start?
Around mid-summer of 2007, as a discussion group on Amazon.com for writers who had done a POD or small-press historical novel here. After about two months of sharing tips and suggestions, and swapping reviews on each others books, it came about that some of the participants were thinking of going to a book festival in Philadelphia, and someone suggested doing a nice little 4-page publication, with articles relating to each others books, which those who were going to the festival could have on their table, and publicize books by others in the group. It just began to snowball from there, with members suggesting doing a regular newsletter, setting up a domain name, organizing as a non-profit – getting some sort of organization behind our efforts to market our books, even if it was our own.

Why the emphasis on POD books?
We actually prefer to think of them as “indie” books – you know, like indie music, or indie movies… untrammeled by the crushing demands of the corporate structure and soul-deadening conformity… oops, bad 1960ies flashback there.
As one of our members so eloquently put it “Indie books come out of independent publishing companies and reflect both authors’ and publishers’ commitment to high quality literature rather than profit-over- substance mass production..”

What is the advantage to indie publication as compared to conventional books from “big publishing?
Think of “indie” as an “alternate delivery” , which serves the customer, whether filmgoer, music listener, enthusiast or reader with the range of choices they did not have heretofore. Big Publishing industry underserves people with particular tastes in genres. That problem has been solved in the other industries because they have turned to alternate delivery- or “indie” resources.

Who are your members?
A bunch of frustrated writers, none of whom are Philippa Gregory or John Grisham, who came to the conclusion that we might get farther in bringing our books to readers by working together to market our books creatively than we ever did separately.

Are there any plans to create a formal organization IAG remain an informal association such as it is now?
Yes, but at present it is pretty fluid; we are sorting out our options through discussion and refinement… and through our members just stepping forward and using their own initiative. Have an idea about doing something that would assist the group? Kick around the notion in the discussion group, and then volunteer yourself to do it.

Will there be any requirements, prerequisites, or policies for membership enacted in the future?
Probably not. Discuss in the group.

What makes IAG stand apart from the other ‘self/inde/pod author’ networks/sites already available on the web?
A spirit of heady optimism… and a good mix of members who are knowledgeable in various fields – publishing, law, corporate machinations, marketing, publicity, web-design, editing, broadcasting – and are fully aware of the possibilities available to us through the internet.


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