Indy Writer Resources

So – you have written a book, and you want to get it published? Once, the prospective writer could only go to a traditional publisher for such services as editing, formatting (interior design), cover design … and all that it takes to get a book into the hands of happy readers. But with the advent of publish on demand print fulfillment, and digital publishing, there are other games in town – and it is perfectly possible for a committed independent author to turn out a book that is the equal in every way to a traditionally-published product. Here’s some advice from those who have gone and done it … their way.
Editing Your MS

You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover

The Compleat Guide to Formatting Your Manuscript

Venturing into the Wilds of Amazon

Marketing off the Cuff

Pass in Review

Smile for the Camera

Library Stacks

POD Publishers

As a bonus for 2013, Paul Krupin of Direct Contact PR, who has been one of our contributors almost from the beginning, has generated a lovely and useful marketing calender. It is available in color, or in black and white as a PDF download. Color here and plain black and white here.


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