Member Chat Group

The members of the IAG do have a Yahoo Chat Group, which is open to anyone interested in independent publishing. The group has been in existence since 2007, so a lot of questions and concerns have been chewed over very thoroughly since then.
And sometimes the discussions go down some interesting, or possibly not so interesting tangents.

New members are encouraged to check out the group files – and to speak up and introduce themselves to the group, especially if they have any questions. The group is moderated, so matters usually don’t get very far out of hand. Discussions of current politics are discouraged, as such is not the focus of the group, and/or very likely to give offense inadvertently.

New and old members alike are reminded that the focus is on helping each other to write the very best books that we can, to help each other market those books to as wide an audience as possible, and to pass on any interesting tid-bits about the wacky, wonderful world of publishing.


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