“We few, we happy few…”

— that 16th century playwright chap – with a beard, William Wossname. Wrote some smashing plays, had bad handwriting. That fellow …

Welcome to the Community of Independent Authors!

We are living in the age of technological revolution, where movie makers and musicians can now create their art on their desktop computer, or in their home studio.They can find an audience for their work on the internet. They can find fans half the world away – an audience who can download their music and their movies … and all without ever having anything to do with Hollywood, or the music industry.

And so can we – writers and storytellers, armchair adventurers all. With the expanding availability of regional presses, publish-on-demand and e-publishing, any writer with a great story to tell can go out there and find an audience.

No agent. No big publisher. You don’t even have to set foot in New York, unless you really, really want to. You don’t need the literary-industrial complex to find an audience of readers. You can go outside the corporation. This is the 21st century – and this is where you’ll find truly original storytelling. The passion and the creativity, straight up and unfiltered.

Savor the independence.. and welcome to the new world.